Customs Compliance and Risk Management, Issue 4

Customs Compliance and Risk Management, Issue 4

From the editorial board

The fourth edition of the journal welcomes you with customs knowledge shared in 21 articles by authors from customs and private sector from Ireland, Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Latvia, India and Lithuania. Some articles are not only in English but also in Lithuanian, Portuguese, German and Bulgarian - our goal is to make the knowledge available also to those, who do not speak English (for instance, in Lithuaniamany people speak Russian but do not speak English).

What is the main news in August-September 2020? In the editorial of the 3rd release of the journal, Dr David Savage called this year a strange one. In this editorial I would say it has become even stranger as the UK revealed the intent to break the international law... Where would that lead?

In the journal, we write about customs law, analyse the rules and developments, and look at the ways the rules could be made simpler, clearer, more internationally and nationally harmonised - the goal is to make it easier for the trade to comply with them and to utilize the opportunities the rules offer.

Hope you will enjoy reading as much as I did!
Enrika Naujokė