Monograph "Legal Regulation of Customs Duties"

Monograph "Legal Regulation of Customs Duties"

We would like to congratulate the member of Association dr. Gediminas Valantiejus for the publication of the monograph "Legal Regulation of Customs Duties in International Trade between the European Union and the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation as well as the Republic of India: Theoretical and Practical Aspects".

The monograph examines both the theoretical aspects of the international, EU and national customs law (in the Republic of Lithuania), its structure, as well as issues related to its practical functioning, presents the novelties and topicalities of international trade and customs law.

Based on the case law of the courts and other authorities dealing with tax and trade dispute, the monograph seeks to reveal the practical legal problems which arise while applying customs duties and related import taxes to the international trade transactions between the EU and specific third countries - People's Republic of China, Russian Federation, Republic of India.

The link to the summary of monograph (book) in Lithuanian and English