War in Ukraine. Export Control: a Call to Businesses

War in Ukraine. Export Control: a Call to Businesses

Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association


The war in Ukraine has shown how blurred is the line between war and peace in our region and beyond.

When we write the code 'Y901' in a customs declaration, do we think that, if entered carelessly, it could turn into a weapon in the hands of the military forces of Russia or other countries, turned back to us?

Have we done everything we can to prevent the dual-use goods from falling into the hands of unauthorised persons?

Are we doing everything we can to protect others and ourselves?

Unfortunately, the approach to sanctions, and to dual-use goods, is still not always 100% responsible. It’s time to change that forever.

We urge all businesses - exporters, importers, logistics companies, customs brokers - and other stakeholders to adhere strictly to the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus and to inform the customs and other competent authorities of any attempts to circumvent them.

General information about sanctions: www.urm.lt/sankcijos (Lithuanian language). Information for business published by Lithuanian Customs: Exports of dual-use goods to Russia are further tightened (Lithuanian language).

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